Sustainably & Ethically Made Australian Unique Artist Designed Streetwear Clothing

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Unique Art apparel pioneer. Limited edition T-shirts and fresh new stylised street fashion designed by Perth based  Artist MatttyFresh

Why Choose Us?

It's Sustainable!!

Sustainable and Ethically made  t-shirt range is made from recycled organic and plastic materials.

Made from 100% recycled materials. Our environmentally friendly brand offers Tees that are manufactured from 60% Recycled Organic Cotton and 40% recycled polyester. Guilt-free fashion with maximum street-style.

Garments are made in India. Printed in Australia.

Organic & Rich in Colour - Costello Streetwear inspires you to be unique and bold in every way possible.


Our sustainability comes from our sourced t-shirts which take the cuttings from organic cotton textile production, shred them and turns it back into soft cotton fibres. Then they add fibres made from locally recycled plastic bottles to obtain the cotton and polyester blend. The blended fibres are then spun into fine yarn to make fabrics. Finally, it's finished in production with care to create a high-quality product.

Our recycled labelled products  are certified under the Global Recycle Standard (GRS)and the Organic Content Standard (OCS) by the Control Union Certifications. Licence number CU82840.

I love my Lips Tee. Great fit and like the fact I'm buying sustainably made clothing.

Perth, Western Australia

Wash your Hands is my Favourite Tee.

Thanks Matty!

Perth, Western Australia

I like supporting small business. I've known Matty for a long-time and love that he has started a eco-friendly clothing brand. I honestly can't recommend him enough.

Melbourne, Victoria

Great sizing for 'Bigger' guys. Supporting a mate all the way from NZ. Great quality Eco-Friendly Tees. 

Tauranga New Zealand

About Us


Designer Creator

Artist Matty Costello AKA MattyFresh is the creative designer behind the brand that brings to life the style & vogue that is Costello Streetwear.

Drawing from a wealth of life experiences from roads travelled & people met, Matty's creations are Organic & Rich in Colour. Bold & Ambitious in a way that breaths a fresh style into streetwear today.

Costello Streetwear is 'unique' & truely fun to wear.

Using Matty's Family name as the label for his brand, he is proud to not only put his designer art on show but also his namesake behind every creation he makes.


Swan Valley, Perth 6055

Parcel Locker 10176 41766, 270 Beringarra Avenue, MALAGA WA 6090

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.